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The UW Student Job Center focuses on providing student’s part-time employment opportunities both through UW-Madison on-campus departments as well as off-campus private and public sector jobs. Positions are posted throughout the year, updated daily, for jobs in both the academic year and summer terms. Students seeking full-time professional career opportunities should utilize campus Career Services Offices and other direct resources found on our links page.

Be a Badger at Home, School, & Work! Most on-campus departments offer flexible hours, a student first mindset, and are invested in your experience here at UW-Madison. To explore the best UW part-time job for you, click the link below!

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The Office of Student Financial Aid’s Student Job Center provides this service to students by allowing both campus departments and off-campus private and public-sector employers to post part-time student employment opportunities. The Student Job Center reserves the right to refuse and/or remove job postings by employers that do not abide by university policies and federal and state laws prohibiting discrimination in hiring, engage in misrepresentation based on dishonest information or absence of information, require personal information such as bank account or social security numbers at time of application, or require any form of initial financial commitment on the part of students. Prior to accepting any employment, students are encouraged to research the employer and obtain objective information about the posted position. Students should contact the Office of Student Financial Aid regarding concerns about an employer or posting violating any of the above. It is the goal of the Student Job Center to provide accurate posting information on this website; however, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all postings. Use of the Student Job Center is voluntary and the university expressly disclaims any and all liability with regards to usage of this site.

Recently Added Jobs

Employer Title Pay # Posted Busline Location
The Brass Ring Bar a... Brass Ring Server $3.00-$3.50/hr   2   05/03/2018 Yes Off Campus
Wisconsin Union Huma... Brat Stand Team Memb... $9.00/hr   100   05/08/2018 Yes UW Campus
Fluno Center Break Attendant-Part... $9.11-$11.11/hr   2   05/16/2018 Yes Off Campus
North Central Group Breakfast Attendant $11.00-$13.00/hr   1   05/09/2018 Yes Off Campus
Holiday Inn Express ... Breakfast Host $10.50-$11.00/hr   5   05/01/2018 Yes Off Campus
Brandi's Bridal Gall... Bridal Stylist $12.00-$12.50/hr   2   05/15/2018 No Off Campus
Brandi's Bridal Gall... Bridal Stylist $11.50-$12.50/hr   2   04/30/2018 No Off Campus
Wisconsin Union Huma... Building Manager $11.04/hr   6   05/08/2018 Yes UW Campus
Flownamics, Inc. CAD / Engineering Te... $15.00-$17.00/hr   2   04/30/2018 Yes Off Campus
Cafe Hollander Cafe Hollander hirin... $12.00-$20.00/hr   5   05/03/2018 Yes Off Campus
Pilgrim Center Camp Counselor $210.00/week   8   05/08/2018 No Off Campus
PIRG Campus Action Campus Organizer $2208.33/month   15   05/15/2018 Yes Off Campus
Papa John's Campus Papa John's M... $11.00-$15.00/hr   3   04/30/2018 Yes Off Campus
WI River Outings Canoe Rental Driver $10.00-$11.00/hr   4   05/03/2018 No Off Campus
Wisconsin Union Huma... Capital Cafe Crew Me... $9.00/hr   4   05/03/2018 Yes UW Campus
CapTel, Inc. Captioning Assistant $11.00-$12.75/hr   5   04/30/2018 Yes Off Campus
Music Studio Care for 3.5 year ol... $15.00/hr   1   05/14/2018 Yes Off Campus
Jon Ballmer Care Giver-Primary -... $1300.00/month   1   04/30/2018 No Off Campus
murphy Care worker $12.50-$14.50/hr   2   05/16/2018 No Off Campus
Fund for the Public ... Careers in Social/Po... $9.00-$14.00/hr   10   05/21/2018 Yes Off Campus

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