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The UW Student Job Center focuses on providing student’s part-time employment opportunities both through UW-Madison on-campus departments as well as off-campus private and public sector jobs. Positions are posted throughout the year, updated daily, for jobs in both the academic year and summer terms. Students seeking full-time professional career opportunities should utilize campus Career Services Offices and other direct resources found on our links page.

Be a Badger at Home, School, & Work! Most on-campus departments offer flexible hours, a student first mindset, and are invested in your experience here at UW-Madison. To explore the best UW part-time job for you, click the link below!

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The UW Student Job Center will not sponsor or list openings for Employers who unfairly discriminate, practice deception, require an initial investment, violate government employment statutes or University policies and procedures. Our office makes every effort to ensure posted job opportunities are legitimate. However, we strongly encourage job seekers to get objective and upfront information about job opportunities before they sign a contract. Beware of business recruiters who pressure you into making a hasty decision to sign up. If you feel you have been unfairly treated by an employer listing with our office, please let us know.

Recently Added Jobs

Employer Title Pay # Posted Busline Location
Create-Ability, Inc. Residential Support ... $12.50/hr   3   09/18/2017 Yes Off Campus
Wasabi Japanese Rest... FOH Staff $2.68-$7.25/hr   2   09/06/2017 Yes Off Campus
Michelle Turner Childcare $10.00-$10.00/hr   1   09/11/2017 Yes Off Campus
Smith Family Babysitter $14.00-$15.00/hr   2   08/24/2017 No Off Campus
United Cerebral Pals... Inclusion Facilitato... $12.50-$12.50/hr   3   08/24/2017 No Off Campus
Brandi's Bridal Gall... Bridal Stylist $11.50-$12.50/hr   3   09/04/2017 No Off Campus
United Cerebral Pals... Weekend Respite Prov... $12.50-$12.50/hr   5   08/24/2017 No Off Campus
Hacienda Bonita Horse Hand $10.00-$12.00/hr   1   09/04/2017 No Off Campus
Fluno Center Housekeeper $9.00-$11.00/hr   2   09/19/2017 Yes Off Campus
Catering a Fresco Banquet Server $12.00/hr   10   09/20/2017 Yes Off Campus
Create-Ability, Inc. Residential Support ... $13.00/hr   4   09/18/2017 Yes Off Campus
Dotty Dumpling's Dow... Host at Dotty's! $9.00-$9.00/hr   3   09/20/2017 Yes Off Campus
Alphagraphics-Madiso... Production Graphic D... $15.00-$17.00/hr   1   09/20/2017 Yes Off Campus
United Cerebral Pals... Mentor $12.50-$13.50/hr   6   08/24/2017 No Off Campus
Happy Dogz Daycare Play with dogs! $9.50-$10.50/hr   2   09/14/2017 No Off Campus
Midwestern BioAg Microbiology Laborat... $12.00-$15.00/hr   1   08/24/2017 Yes Off Campus
RockAuto.com Bilingual Customer S... $20.00/hr   5   09/04/2017 Yes Off Campus
SSM Health - St. Mar... Certified Nursing As... $14.00-$20.00/hr   5   09/12/2017 No Off Campus
Coach COACH Sales Associat... $10.00-$12.00/hr   3   09/19/2017 Yes Off Campus
United Cerebral Pals... Mentor $12.50-$12.50/hr   4   08/24/2017 No Off Campus

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