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Is there a fee to posting jobs through the UW Student Job Center website?
We do not charge employers to list jobs on our website or for students to view those job listings.

How long does it take for a job to be listed?
Once a job is submitted through our website it should be approved within one business day. Make sure you receive a job number upon submission.

How are students notified of job openings?
Students can browse all of the current job openings on our website. Students can create a student profile and receive new job openings via email if the job fits certain criteria that the student has selected such as wage, on a bus line, and job category.

I just created an employer profile. Why can't I create a job?
We require employers to create a business/organization first. This has two benefits. First, only your organization information is ever displayed on the website (unless you choose to use the same information for both). Second, it allows employers to setup multiple organizations under a single login account.

I forgot my password! What can I do?
On the login page there is a forgotten password link. Click that link and follow the onscreen directions to reset your password. Passwords can only be reset through the email address currently associated with your account. If you suspect your account has been compromised please contact us using the information at the bottom of this page.

Why can't I copy and paste into the job description area?
In order to paste a copy of a description you need to select the icon at the top of the job description field. A pop-up window titled “Paste a Job Description” will appear. Using the pop up window wi ll clean up any invalid HTML code that may be hidden within the document. Paste the description inside this field using the keyboard (Windows users: Ctrl + 'v', MAC users: Apple + 'v') and hit 'OK'.

Do I need to list a wage for a job posting?
Yes, a wage needs to be listed for each position. We need to ensure that Minimum Wage is offered for each position. Refer to Wisconsin Minimum Wage Rates. One exception though is for UW Graduate Assistantships, which do not need a specific wage listed since they have a standard stipend and tuition reimbursement based on their percentage.

How are commissions or tips listed?
Positions need to guarantee at least Minimum Wage. Commission and tips can be offered in addition to the base wage, but estimates or ranges of such commission or tips can’t be included in the wage or description fields. You can clarify in the description that Commission or Tips are available, just not specific figures. If you jobs do not guarantee Minimum Wage you can look at listing your job opportunities within the campus newspapers: The Badger Herald The Daily Cardinal

I submitted a job, but I did not get a job number. Did my job submit successfully?
Once you preview then submit a job you should have a pop-up message that tells you that your job has submitted successfully and what the job # is. You should also be emailed a confirmation email that the job submitted along with a job number. If you did not get this pop likely your job did not submit successfully. Set your browser to allow for pop-ups from our website and try again

Why does my job number appear to be different on the webpage than from my confirmation email?
This is a problem caused by computer code within one or more jobs that have been selected to be viewed. The code was inserted at some point when copying and pasting a description. Our “Paste a Job Description” pop up box should prevent future job postings from having computer code included within their descriptions. Our programmer is working on fixing the problem.

Why do I no longer see my job listed on the website?
From your dashboard, select the organization's detailed history link, which will allow you to see the current status of any job, past or present. Only ACTIVE jobs are listed on the website.

Can I list the same job posting in multiple categories?
No. We do not cross list the same job in more than one category. This helps to avoid confusion regarding jobs being updated or removed. Students often browse through each category so they will have an opportunity to see your job posting regardless of which category it is placed within.

Can I list a full-time job on the UW Student Job Center website?
We would only list part-time jobs up to 32 hours per week during the school year. Summer postings can be full-time, but need to take into account that the student would likely be returning to school here in the Fall. If you have full-time, career oriented positions to list there are a number of Career Offices and Career Fairs. They can be accessed through

How can I find out about Job Fairs or Career Fairs?
Our office sponsors a Fall Job Fair in September and a Summer Job Fair in April. Employers with part-time, local openings or full-time summer openings can attend the Job Fairs. Contact for more information and to request to receive updates regarding registration when available. ** Please Note: Our Job Fairs are not for full-time, Career Oriented positions. Listings of Full-Time, Career Fairs can be found at:

How should I list a work study job on your site?
If you are an off-campus 501.c3 non-profit organization employer with a contract set up with the Work Study Office or an on-campus employer you can select to list Work Study postings through UW Job Center website. If you require students to have Work Study select the Work Study Required category in addition to placing ’Work Study Required’ within the job description. If you do not require, but prefer students to have work study, do not select the Work Study Required category. Include ’Work Study Preferred’ within the job description. Federal Work Study Program



SCAM EXAMPLE: Job Ad entitled: "DEPENDABLE NANNY" for 16$/hour.
Thanks for responding . I am currently on a business trip to Qatar so I should probably tell you more about the job. I want you to look after my 3 years old daughter when I return from Qatar. Until then, I want you to work as my assistant. This job is flexible so you can work wherever you are as long as there is a post office in the area. You can do all the tasks during your spare time outside of work or school. I will prepay you in advance to do my shopping, Bill payments and have my mails/packages forwarded to your address. If you are unable to stay at home to get the mails, I can have them shipped to a nearby post office where you can pick them from at your convenience. All errands will be in your city/town so it isn't a must that you have a car because you can travel by bus or taxi. All you have to do is have mails/packages shipped to your house, go shopping and run other errands. When you get my mails/packages; you are required to mail them to wherever I want them mailed to. You will be allowed to open the packages to check the content before accepting them. All expenses and taxes will be covered by me. You will work for 30-35 Hours in a month. How much will you charge per week? I willing to pay $300 weekly. I need your service because I am constantly out of town. I will get back in town in December so this Job will be on going till then. I would like to meet you when I return so we can discuss the possibility of making this arrangement long term. Well, let me know if you are able to handle the position.

Where do I find a job? How do I apply?
We have a number of job postings on our website. There are different search options, but one of the easiest methods for viewing jobs is to select a category, view all jobs listed within that category, then move on to the next category. If you find a job that interests you contact the employer directly to apply. We also have links of other on-campus employers who have job listings and applications listed through their own website

Are the job postings listed on the UW Student Job Center website current?
Most jobs are posted up to 4 weeks on our website. Jobs notated as being Continuous Recruitment may be listed up to 3 months. Summer Out-of-town job listings may be listed longer as well. We email employers when their job is ready to expire and we encourage employers to inform us when their job is filled, so we can take it off of the website. If you want to save a copy of a job posting you can either save it within your Student Account or email it to yourself.

How do I stop getting New Job Emails sent to me?
You can log in to your Student Account and select Deactivate notification.

What is work study? How do I apply for it?
Work study is a form of financial aid. You would apply for financial aid then may or may not be awarded work study based on financial need.

Which jobs are work study eligible?
Any on-campus student hourly position would be work study eligible. Also jobs listed within the on-campus and off-campus Work Study Required categories are only available for Work Study students.

I'm having trouble finding a job from those posted on your website. Where else can I look?
We approve new job postings daily. You can set up to receive New Job Notifications through our website for jobs as they are posted. The Other Job Links tab on our website has a listing of offices on campus that are more likely to list openings and accept applications through their own websites. Offices on campus are aware of our services, but they may not rely on them if students contact them directly. If there are certain offices or departments that interest you feel free to contact them directly to inquire if they have any openings

Do you list Graduate Assistantship postings?
We list Graduate Assistantships under the Graduate Assistantship category on our website. Unfortunately we don’t send out new listings of Graduate Assistantships with our New Job Notification emails. The lack of a listed wage interfered with our program that referenced students’ new job notification criteria.

Where would I find LTE (Limited Term Employment) listings for the University?

Where can I get assistance with my resume?
Letter & Science Human Ecology Career Services

Where would I find assistance with finding a career in my field?
There are a variety of Career Offices located on campus.

Where could I look for full-time employment within Madison?
UW-Madison & other employment listings Dane County Job Center Wisconsin Newspapers Classifieds